Youth Gardening Program

The Youth Gardening Program serves teens (13-18) facing barriers to success in their lives (special needs, at-risk for not graduating, behavioral/emotional challenges, living in poverty or single parent homes, and much more) in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Our curriculum focuses on cultivating job & life skills, environmental stewardship and service by developing healthy relationships with people, food and community.

May through September, participants grow their own gardens and are taught a gardening curriculum, which emphasizes sustainable horticulture practices. In addition, they develop job and life skills such as responsibility, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership. Students go on field trips and give tours of the gardens. Most of the pesticide-free produce is either sold at the weekly roadside farm stand or donated to the local food bank. Additional service projects involve the student gardeners in the community, allowing them to contribute in meaningful ways. Those who successfully complete the program may earn school credit and a monetary achievement award.

The main portion of the program runs early June to mid August; Monday-Thursday 9-12.  Additionally, there are a few required Saturday mornings throughout the summer (for planting, harvesting, and service work) as well as a few after school sessions in May, August and September.  The Youth Gardening Program meets at the LYG offices at 907 S. Lincoln Ave. in Loveland. There is a sliding scale fee for the program, starting at a minimum program fee of $10.

Please check back in March 2019 to apply for the 2019 Summer Program