Youth Gardening Program Instructor: Job Dx & Application Information

Youth Gardening Program Instructor (May-August)
(Closed for 2017)

The mission of the Loveland Youth Gardeners is to cultivate skills, promote stewardship and service in young people through sustainable gardening and healthy living practices.

Our Goals
• Develop job and life skills
• Promote active volunteerism in youth through service to the community
• Encourage environmental stewardship by educating students about natural resource and conservation practices

Youth Gardening Program (YGP): The YGP serves teens (13-18) with extra challenges in their lives through a curriculum focused on cultivating skills, stewardship and service through sustainable gardening and healthy living practices. May through August, participants grow their own gardens and are taught a gardening curriculum, which emphasizes sustainable horticulture practices. In addition, they develop job and life skills such as responsibility, teamwork, communication, problem solving, and leadership. Students go on field trips and give tours of the garden. Most of the pesticide-free produce is donated to the local food bank. Additional service projects involve the student gardeners in the community, allowing them to contribute in meaningful ways. Those who successfully complete the program may earn school credit and a monetary achievement award.

Duties of YGP instructor

  • Select student participants for the Youth Gardening Program, in conjunction with Executive Director.
  • Assist in setting up calendar from May through September, including field trips and guest speakers.
  • Manage the many daily aspects of the Youth Gardening Program throughout the summer including: facilitation/planning of daily programming; helping create a positive/meaningful environment for interns and volunteers; communicating with all involved parties; managing student behavior and needs; and keeping a positive attitude.  
  • Provide continued support for students, staff and volunteers, including helping lead program orientation.
  • PLAN upcoming weeks and lessons in a at least two weeks ahead.  
  • SHARE completed lesson plans and upcoming pertinent information by email once per week with volunteers (copy interns and supervisors).  Emails can be short and weekly schedule can be attached.  This ensures all involved remain on the same page.
  • Provide end-of-week program updates (summary of past week highlights and next week’s plans/activities) on a weekly basis to families and to volunteers. 
  • Keep good daily/weekly records.  Evaluations will be easier and more OBJECTIVE  if you track INDIVIDUAL student development from a baseline through the summer.  See appendix for examples..  Things to track and record: attendance, behavior, skill development, participation, and more.
  • Communicate challenges or incidents with staff, parents/guardians, teachers, and/or counselors, as necessary.
  • Take pictures and post on LYG social media channels at least once per week.
  • Attend mandatory weekly staff meetings with YGP intern and Executive Director.
  • Other duties as decided with supervisors.

Qualification desired: Applicant should enjoy working with young people, especially those with extra challenges in their lives. It is vital the YGP instructor be dependable and organized, as well as have the ability to communicate effectively with youth, parents, staff and volunteers. A sense of humor, positive attitude, patience and enthusiasm, as well as knowledge of organic and conservation gardening methods is preferred. Instructor must be able to perform gardening activities that include standing, kneeling, digging, lifting, being in the sun, and working with garden tools.

Position details: Position runs from April to mid August.  The main program of YGP takes place Monday-Thursday mornings for 11 weeks, starting late May or early June and runs until mid August. Hours outside of program time may fluctuate. Applicant should expect to work approximately 17 hours per week. A criminal background check will be required.

Benefits and Gains: YGP instructor will gain experience in facilitating a horticultural program, working with diverse youth, volunteer and staff management, and gardening.

Financial Benefit: $3,500 for the summer. Hours will fluctuate during June, July, August with the duties of the growing season.

Supervisor: Executive Director

How to apply: Please fill out the application below AND a send cover letter and resume to

YGP Instructor Application (CLOSED)