LGTAS Artist Information

Thank you for your interest in being an Artist for the Loveland Garden Tour & Art Show!

Here is some important information to help you decide whether your art would be a good fit, as well as the process involved with displaying and selling your art on the day of the tour.

First, a little history about Loveland Youth Gardeners and the Loveland Garden Tour & Art Show: LYG is a nonprofit organization that has been serving at-risk and special needs youth since 1996. Our mission is to cultivate job and life skills, environmental stewardship and service in youth, who face barriers to success, by building healthy relationships with people, food and community. Our vision is for all young people to realize their value and potential and be equipped to lead a healthy and productive life.

The Loveland Garden Tour & Art Show began in 2004 and is the largest fundraiser for Loveland Youth Gardeners. Each year, our committee selects gardens which support our values of environmental stewardship and sustainability, while also showcasing native plants, wildlife habitats, and water-wise landscaping. We believe that beautiful art not only belongs within the walls of a home, but also in the natural setting of the outdoors and, therefore, strive to offer art which lives outside and enhances outdoor living spaces.

What you, as a potential artist, need to know:
• All art must be created to live outside and enhance outdoor living spaces
• 20% donation of all pre-tax sales on the day of the tour (due at end of Tour day)
• Depending on the size of the garden, there may be 2 artists assigned to a garden
• We strive to pair an artist with a garden which will be most advantageous for the artwork and offer assistance in art display and placement throughout the garden
• Display structures are dependent on the garden to which the artist is assigned (which changes from year to year) and will be provided by the artist
• The quantity of art pieces necessary are dependent on the garden space, price point, and size of the art
• Artists may work on their art during the tour as long as they are able to attend to customers AND clear it with the garden host and artist liaison in advance
• Artist is responsible to supply everything necessary to sell their art
• Artist is responsible for tracking and remitting their own sales tax
• Art will also be displayed and available for sale during the Pre-Tour which is held the Wednesday evening prior to the day of the Tour
• The artist or representative must be present during the Pre-Tour and day of Tour to conduct sales and answer questions
• Set-up times: Pre-Tour – set up should be done by 4:00pm; Tour Day – set up should be complete by 7:00am
• LYG does not provide insurance for artwork, nor are we, our volunteers, or hosts responsible for damage

If you have further questions, please contact our Artist Liaisons: Lindsay Cantley at lindsaycan@yahoo.com or Robin Dodge at robindodge.loveland@gmail.com