Social Enterprise Program

Thanks to a “seed” grant from the Delta Foundation, our newest program, the Social Enterprise Program, launched in 2017. This program was created as a “final step” in our educational programs. Participants must have completed both the Youth Gardening and Leaf Out Programs to qualify for the Social Enterprise Program.

Also, thanks to the generosity of Business Equipment Service, Carrie Faye Thompson has been sponsored to co-facilitate the creation and implementation of Loveland Youth Gardeners’ Social Enterprise Program for 2017.

This program focuses on building upon the job and life skills learned in earlier programs, through all aspects of developing and running a business.

As part of creating this business the students are subject to a standard application/interview process and, if hired, receive a monthly stipend. They commit to working for the entire year and are responsible for all aspects of the business, with the ultimate goal being the business becoming completely self-sustaining.

Through the help of community volunteers, these young entrepreneurs learn business plan writing, financial management and planning, product development, surveying, and many other important aspects of creating and running a successful business.

September 2017 Update:
Our SEP entrepreneurs have successfully developed a gardener’s Barrier Lotion Stick. It is made with all-natural ingredients and provides deep moisturizing with barrier qualities to keep dirt out and moisture in. It is being sold at LYG (907 S Lincoln Ave) and at cloz to home in downtown Loveland.